Why Choose Us...

'Pig-in-a-Box' is proudly brought to you by Five Star Pork Ltd.


A Co-operative Pork Producer, bringing together three passionate Farmers in Cambridge, Taranaki and Wanganui.

We know New Zealander's love our fresh, locally produced Pork, it's what Kiwi's have been adding to their shopping trolley at supermarkets for over 20 years.

But times have changed, and we aren't so sure your getting true value for money by choosing our product alongside other, more generic Pork products on a supermarket shelf.


We have therefore made it our mission to provide you more affordable, fresh and great tasting whole cartons of Pork, delivered straight to your door. 

Whether it be a carton of beautiful crackle friendly Pork Belly, or a Whole Pig cut into three cartons for a Hangi, we have you covered.

Butcher measuring pork temperature in th


22 Ra Ora Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland

09 253 9001

Different types of raw pork meat and bee

09 253 9001

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